The Author and The List

First about me.  My name is Mike and I am originally from Virginia Beach, VA.  I moved up to Massachusetts in 2003.  I have a passion for music so don't be surprised if it comes up every now and then.  I'm highly un-fashionable but I try to impress people with my sharp, cunning wit.  Or I just buy them dinner so they'll like me.  I'm a history buff and am in love with the colonial/revolutionary war period.  I also like random, weird things like the comforting warmth of fresh xeroxed paper.  And I'm not on Twitter.

Now, the list.

There is this list of 1000 Greatest Places in Massachusetts that the State Office of Travel and Tourism released and its filled with all kinds of places with all kinds of things to do throughout the state, and not just in Boston.  Since I am kind of a nerd and a lover of lists, and also because I haven't seen anything in Massachusetts since moving up here, I've decided to go out and see everything on this list.  Yes, all 1,000 places.  Along for the ride is Harold The Traveling Moose.  There is no method to our madness as far as where to go and what to see next.  We're just going.

Click the link below to see the list in its entirety.